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Fiido: Q1 / Q1S Rear Extensions

Fiido: Q1 / Q1S Rear Extensions

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Fiido Q1 / Q1S Rear Extensions w Hardware. Want to move your electric hub motor back by 125mm (Long Extension) to improve handling & aesthetics?  This rear extension set is 6mm thick and coated in gloss black.

***Anyone using a Lonnyo Motor 60H will need optional spacers to accommodate the 135mm open size--message me for details.***

As with all extension kits for this frame, you will want to place your frame on a stand, tighten the predrilled fasteners, then measure the distance each side of the drop out. If equal distant from the floor, you’re ready to drill the two remaining mounting points. If not equal, adjust until it is.


Last Pic is an example of how far the extensions move back the motor.


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