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FarDriver Sinewave Controller: Replacement Wire Harnesses

FarDriver Sinewave Controller: Replacement Wire Harnesses

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Replacement Wire Harness for FarDriver Controllers

Gen 1:  360, 530, 850, 1200

Harness is missing the corner pin on the bottom row.

Gen 2:  200, 240, 260, 300, 340, 450, 680, 890

Harness easily identifiable by its missing pin 5 on bottom row of harness and the cut function lines.  

Encoder:  for all encoder controllers (the letter "b" appears at the end of the model number); has 8 pin motor sensor connection (not the usual 6 pin for hall motors)

Verify your harness is similar—FarDrivers produced for OEM or other distributors may not match the National offering.

Tuning Guides, Software Updates, Troubleshooting:  Facebook Group "FarDriver Tuning for Ebikes"


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