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Controller Essentials

Controller Essentials: Rion Curve Two Way Throttle (VESC Only)

Controller Essentials: Rion Curve Two Way Throttle (VESC Only)

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VESC enthusiasts know this is the Cadillac of Throttles:  Rion Curve, Two Way Thumb Throttle for VESC controllers only.  

Medical grade components give complete control when accelerating, and deliver a safer and thrilling ride experience. The tronic Curve is compatible and a nice upgrade for any light electric vehicle.

Resistant to vibration, shock, and extremes of temperatures, the new Rion Curve Hall throttle offers maintenance free reliable long term use.

CNC Throttle has a split 50:50 jog with resting center position. Left accelerates and right engages variable braking
Non-contacting Hall Effect Sensing Technology
Sealed Electronics
Very low power consumption
Operating life tested at 4 million cycles

***Limited Quantities Available***
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